Neal DODS, Building Project Manager

You have a building project:

You are planning on:

  • Building, a new home, a garage, an outhouse, an outside area for entertaining, or a pool.
  • Extending a home, or landscaping
  • Renovating part or a whole building including loft conversions, kitchens, bathrooms…


I can advise on the costs, what planning permits you need, provide your drawings, give detail of how to proceed, and who to hire to realise your project.

Your project is an investment of your time and capital for eventual happiness and fulfilment. 

I can enhance your enjoyment, taking out the difficulties by:


  • Helping with early planning (drawings, permits, advice)
  • Knowing the opportunities and constraints
  • Having working knowledge of the trades and artisans in the area
  • Bring experience of the correct pricing and timeframes for work
  • Solving and overcoming the inevitable snags
  • Delivering your project on time, and within budget.


You will have a great deal to think about and many decisions to make throughout your project.  I can take over the burden of day to day tasks so that you can enjoy the personalisation of your project.


Having someone you can trust in, confide with and rely on is what you are looking for on any project, and I believe this is the cornerstone to realising the most satisfactory outcome.