I launched my company having studied for a diploma as a ‘Métreur Concepteur’ and have a multitude of references from satisfied customers; you have the safety and knowledge that I can help you achieve great results with your development.


Having read for a BA in International Business with languages and with 10 years in commercial management for blue chip companies, I have been living and working in France as a building project manager, consultant and developer since 2002.  This background helps in the main tasks of being a successful ‘project manager’ for you:  in being able to professionally negotiate the best terms and navigate the project to achieve the best results in budget and timing.


I chose my career because I am passionate about building and kept being asked by friends, family and further contact for advice and to manage their projects.  I had developed and renovated buildings and built my own house; as a progression I decided to study with the aim to be a qualified ‘Maitre D’oeuvre’.  Please find a list of the modules I have passed for my diploma.  This gives the practical and academic knowledge to fulfil your project.


Having successfully completed over 85 projects, I have the experience and confidence to overcome the various challenges each individual project brings.


As a ‘Maitre D’oeuvre’ I have to be completely independent, to be able to give you completely impartial advice and ensure that you are getting the best possible prices for the work to be delivered.  This is incredibly important and is a great advantage to you over a ‘contractor’ who may deliver a whole project, who however, is profiting at each stage.